Shock Absorber C/100

99,00 VAT excl. / each one

Hydraulic dampers are used as end stops to facilitate the closing of a sliding door due to the braking effect resulting from the passage of oil through holes and slots in the cylindrical body.
By means of an adjustment system, the degree of braking can be increased or decreased by opening or closing the oil passages through the piston. The damper stem, once compressed, automatically resets for a new cycle. Safety valve to release the brake fluid in the event of fire and prevent spontaneous reset of the stem due to thermal expansion of the fluid; also available without valve.

  • Hydraulic end stops for sliding doors – Oil-dynamic damping system
  • Maximum door weight: Kg 3.000
  • Maximum Load: N 2.900
  • Cylindrical steel body diameter 28mm
  • Magnet for automatic reset diameter 28mm
  • Fastening by means of threaded terminals M16 x 1