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Corporate Sustainability refers to a new conception of entrepreneurial activity, according to which the ultimate goal of business activity cannot consist of profit maximization alone (a typically short-term goal), but must be extended to the creation of value in the long term.

In other words, a sustainable company must not only aim to create an economic return for owners and shareholders, but must also guarantee social benefits (equal access to resources and opportunities for the individual worker) and environmental benefits (operating in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid waste and pollution).

Furthermore, the very production of goods and services should be aimed at improving the quality of life of people and society as a whole.

Despite these intentions, however, practicing corporate sustainability does not mean neglecting traditional accounting and financial aspects: without taking care of these aspects, companies are doomed to a premature exit from the market, thus without the possibility of pursuing the paths of environmental and social sustainability they have undertaken.

On the contrary, it is important that a sustainable company produces profits and results, so that the surplus can also be reinvested in processes oriented towards respect for the environment, workers and local communities. It should be noted that, again with this in mind, managers and executives are increasingly receiving financial incentives linked to the achievement of specific sustainability targets.

Fael Security

Le Energie Rinnovabili

We have always invested in the renewable energy and we will keep going on it.

The 8.000 square meters of our production plants roofs are all powered exclusively by solar energy.

Thanks to photovoltaic panels with 4 mw capacity, we meet our electricity needs by 80%, thereby every year we avoid 3.400kg CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

With Fael you too are supporting the renewable energy.


Materials recycling
All materials which have been used to build our products are highly recyclable. Waste materials in the production process are wisely recycled in new processes.

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Fael Security

Green Economy

Our sense of responsibility and the will to chase a new path for the sake of environmental sustainability have led us to start an analysis, reduction and neutralization project on the climate impact.

The goals are 4 key points:

  • Cooperating in order to keep reducing and neutralizing CO emissions, through the Kyoto Protocol provided procedures and according to the EU and the Paris Agreement climate and energy package;
  • Creating new Eco Design and Eco Efficiency models and apply them to the products design and the processes management
  • Sharing useful initiatives for the spread and enhancement of the environmental sustainability in regard to the production, distribution and marketing of products; nevertheless, cooperating with wider production and distribution chains, Trade Associations, and other Bodies or Institutions has a great importance as well;
  • Cooperating concerning the model analysis of calculation of environmental impacts resulting from production.

Fael Security

Carbon Footprint di prodotto (CFP)

UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 and Fael Security Srl


FAEL SECURITY SRL has taken the first important step in the direction of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by obtaining the Carbon Footprint UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 certificate of conformity for the product "CROSSWALK 120 Sliding Door".

The Product Carbon Footprint (CFP) quantifies the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a good or service and is defined as the sum of the total emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from the system that generates a product throughout its entire life cycle.

CFP is a voluntary market tool whose reference is the UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 standard that defines requirements and guidelines for quantifying CFP, based on international reference standards for Life Cycle Assessment-LCA studies.

The key points of the ISO 14067 standard concern: reference principles, methodology for CFP quantification and CFP study report. The CFP is based on an LCA study whose analysis is limited to emissions that have an effect on climate change and is expressed in terms of CO2 eq.

The study takes into account emissions related to the extraction and processing of the raw material, those related to production, transport, and use up to the final disposal of the product.

The CFP makes it possible to identify the most critical phases in terms of GHG emissions, making it possible to implement interventions to reduce them.

Fael Security Srl's primary objective is to reduce its carbon footprint by managing and varying its consumption and production methods.

Fael Security

Waste Management

Waste Management  is the set of procedures and methodologies aimed at handling the entire waste process, from production to final destination, thus involving the collection, transport and treatment (recycling or disposal) phases and ending with the reuse of waste materials. The main objective is to reduce the negative effects on human health and reduce the impact on the environment.

End of Waste”, is an indispensable element of waste valorisation, and its presence has contributed to the development in the re-use sector.  An excellent recycling and recovery company becomes one when it allows materials to be reintroduced into the market and compete with raw materials.

The entire process allows a reduction in the consumption of natural resources and the amount of waste to be disposed of. Fael Security Srl’s journey began in 2020 and the results achieved in 2021 in Waste Management were more than satisfied.

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Fael Security


FAEL SECURITY SRL has doubled the effective power of its photovoltaic system reaching 200 kWp in STC.

The total annual producibility of the plant is now 261,200 kWh in STC, avoiding the release of more than 130,300 KG of Co2, the gas responsible for the greenhouse effect, into the atmosphere.

One of the advantages of photovoltaics is that it dramatically reduces the cost of electricity. In fact, the energy produced by solar panels is used directly for production activities, avoiding the need to purchase energy from the increasingly expensive power grid.

Photovoltaics is the main source of clean energy that helps businesses today reduce their environmental footprint.

Fael Security Srl is pursuing its goal of ZERO emissions.

An ambitious goal that sets the Net Zero target at 2050 and that sees us at the forefront alongside Italian companies in their decarbonization journey.

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